[Download] Modern Combat 5:blackout Now Free on Play Store [EN]

Today Modern combat 5 become free for all android users, after being free on IOS Modern combat 5 that’s the best FPS for android with his last update becomes free and adds another playable class and the limitations of the “Free-to-play” games, now you’ve limited energy that you can use inside the game. As prize all the old usersers who bought the game will receive the veteran status and unlimited energy lifetime.

This update makes Modern Combat 5 available for free to millions of new players, and adds controller support, more weapons, a new class and more. All of our current players are getting Veteran status, with unlimited energy, and some other goodies as a thank you for their support. Ultimately, the switch to free-to-play means the game will have a longer lifetime, so we can invest more in the long-term update plan and in the servers which need to support a significantly larger player base. One thing we’re not messing with is the competitive balance players have come to expect in Modern Combat.

So what are you waiting for, just start playing!