Waveya best Kpop dancing team [EN]


HEY! What’s wrong whit this? Is it really wrong for a tech website to talk about a team of dancers? Can’t just relax and watch and drool looking at the moves of this excellent Kpop dancing team? Are we men or not?


Just joking, but I remember in 2012 when Gangnam Style was just released, i was searching again for the famous video of PSY the South Korean rapper, but looking at the results of youtube i fell in love with this Kpop dancing team when i saw it in the results.

In their videos there is no millionaire montage or editing, just a bunch of dancers in front of a fixed camera… But what dancers!!! From that day it’s been a rise to the glory for the Waveya, because they look in my profane point of view the perfect dancers in the world, very very hot, beautiful and skilled enough to make of every dance a mediatic success and their views never lie, when they dance all togheter they reach millions of views in few time, this is how youtube reacts to every new video and their most viewed dance on the music of gangnam style now hits 146Millions!

The team leaders are Ari (아리) and MiU (미유), there have been several changes in the lineup since the group began and in the last time there was an intense turnover inside Waveya team for unknow reasons, but many speculate that Ari and Miu are always putting their own images at first sight so the other team members are forced to leave and search for space elsewhere. In this month March 2015 Waveya has performed many dances with only Ari and MiU.

It was later released that Waveya was in search of new members.

But now have fun looking at theyr videos!!!