New android controller IPEGA 9025 [EN]

To who using his favorite games on Android has never suffered the nostalgia of a real controller made ​​specifically for this operating system? Many of us , especially those who like to have an a slew of games on their mobile phones surely realized that playing on a mobile is not the same as playing on a PlayStation or on a PC . Often the main problem is caused by the fact that the controls in these games are not always the best, and limit the playability, leaving a sense of frustration and desire for revenge of the gamer that is within us .

I have been personally tempted to plug in my USB joypad in my phone , but the solution has certain portability problems…

However, there is a Chinese company called The IPEGA that has carved out its own slice of the market launching  products destined to meet this demand.

With the IPEGA 9025  controller you can connect via Bluetooth and pulling the support on the back of the controller so that you can put the phone directly on it , this feature eliminates all portability issues and turn your phone into a Gaming Device That did not have nothing to envy to a PSP or a PC. Many games are compatible with IPEGA 9025 , but still do not exist an official list, however the ‘ purchase can be favored by the low cost the controller which price is around $20, so for addicted players  the purchase of this controller will prove definitely a great expenditure.

The Joypad is compatible with Android, IOS and  with any PC equipped with Bluetooth connectivity .