Project Ara, the modular phone by Google Motorola [EN]

Today we want to tell you about an interesting project, yet another by Google, the project in question is called: Project Ara; Ara is a modular smartphone, meaning that you can choose the pieces to fit in your phone according to your needs.

The modules can be fitted into the main frame are LCD display, ram, cameras, speakers, wifi, bluetooth, etc.

This opens up many possibilities, for example in the unlucky case that you accidentally damage the phone you will only replace the damaged piece instead of being forced to repair or replace the entire terminal as it is today for all other Android devices.

The ability to repair their device yourself without asking the help of experts is not the only feature, with Ara, we could buy several modules from the dedicated market, which will be free from restrictions towards Google, and mount the modules we need according to our daily needs; we could mount a GPS sensor, or in its place a monitor for vital functions, or if we perform technical jobs we may decide to mount a hypothetical “multimeter” module.

The developers of the project have indicated that Google will sell the platform builds and then the hardware manufacturers will be free to produce their own Ara module to meet the market demand, this will favor much customization of the terminal, which will be certainly very attractive to all companies. Furthermore with few dollars you could print yourself the outter body of module and customize the phone according to your will.

The release is scheduled for the end of 2015, there are many doubts about the final version, and what will be his real design, personally, I wondered what happens to the terminal if it fell to the ground, with the current design we would be forced to collect all the modules from the floor, and I think it’s very likely that the developing team will add a few screws.

We just have to wait to see which news will this terminal bring in mobile telephony.